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New publication about myths, contradictions and certainties in primary school research

As part of the 28th annual conference of the Commission for Primary School Research of the German Society for Educational Science, the 100th anniversary of the German primary school was celebrated at the University of Erfurt in 2019. This milestone in the existence of the primary school was also the occasion for a scientific conference to take a look at myths, contradictions and certainties in the history of the primary school and its research. This academic survey, which was produced with the participation of a large professional public, is now also available as a book.

The 483-page conference proceedings published by Springer cover the entire spectrum of primary school research and trace historical developments as well as current challenges. The result is a stocktaking that is well worth reading and that invites you to reflect, create and research about, in, at and with primary schools even some time after the historical event.

The editors are academics from the University of Erfurt: Nadine Böhme (Academic Councillor in the Department of Mathematics Didactics), Benjamin Dreer (Scientific Director of the Erfurt School of Education), Heike Hahn (Professor of Mathematics Didactics), Sigrid Heinecke (Consultant in the ELsA project), Gerd Mannhaupt (Professor for "Grundlegung Deutsch/Schriftspracherwerb") and Sandra Tänzer (Professor for "Pädagogik und Didaktik des Sachunterrichts").

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Nadine Böhme, Benjamin Dreer, Heike Hahn, Sigrid Heinecke, Gerd Mannhaupt, Sandra Tänzer (ed.)
Mythen, Widersprüche und Gewissheiten der Grundschulforschung. Eine wissenschaftliche Bestandsaufnahme nach 100 Jahren Grundschule
(Tagungsband zum 100-jährigen Jubiläum der Grundschule in Deutschland)
Publishing house: Springer, 2021
ISBN 978-3-658-31737-9
483 pages
Softcover: 69,99 EUR
E-Book: 54,99 EUR