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New publication: "Advent trotz(t) Corona"

A new anthology by Martin W. Ramb and Holger Zaborowski, Professor at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt, has been published under the title "Advent trotz(t) Corona" (Advent in spite of Corona), which provides impulses and meditations with a view to Christmas.

In it, the authors convey that dealing with the pandemic changes familiar ways of looking at Advent and Christmas. This is also an opportunity to rediscover the essential core of the Christmas message beyond the traditional ways of seeing and representing it: the ever-surprising closeness of God. The anthology contains contributions by: Georg Austen, Christian Bauer, Monika Grütters, Joachim Hake, Franziskus von Heereman, Walter Homolka, Margot Käßmann, Mouhanad Khorchide, Kurt Kardinal Koch, Ulrike Kostka, Benedikt Kranemann, Hans Langendörfer SJ, Martin M. Lintner, Claudia Lücking-Michel, Christof May, Dominik Meiering, Bernd Mönkebüscher, Ulrich Neymeyr, Paul Platzbecker, Martin W. Ramb, Philippa Rath OSB, Marc von Reth, Juliane Schlaud-Wolf, Ruth Schönenberger OSB, Joachim Valentin, Martin Werlen OSB, Notker Wolf OSB und Holger Zaborowski.

Martin W. Ramb and Holger Zaborowski (eds.)
Advent trotz(t) Corona. Impulse und Meditationen mit Blick auf Weihnachten
Editions St. Ottilien, 2021
ISBN: 978-3-8306-8067-3
80 pages
14,95 EUR