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New publication: "Erziehung, Bildung und Gesundheit"

In the "Culture and Education" series, the book "Erziehung, Bildung und Gesundheit" (Education, Training and Health) by Dr. Martin Goldfriedrich was published in May 2020. It deals with theoretical and empirical foundations of health education.

At the latest with the Age of Enlightenment and with the establishment of the Health Catechism, the question of how education and upbringing can have a positive effect on the health of the individual is being addressed in theory and practice. Health education, if fully constituted as a sub-discipline, could address this question in an interdisciplinary way. This is where the new book by Martin Goldfriedrich comes in. By incorporating relevant theories of education, education and health on the one hand and the qualitative analysis of current and historical publications on health education on the other, he creates a communication basis on which further projects in research and practice can build.

The author, Martin Goldfriedrich, is a research assistant at the Chair for Inclusive Teaching Research with a focus on learning at the University of Erfurt.

Martin Goldfriedrich
Erziehung, Bildung und Gesundheit
Theoretische und empirische Grundlegungen zur Gesundheitspädagogik
Series: Kultur und Bildung, 19
published by Ferdinand Schöningh, 2020
ISBN: 978-3-657-70323-4
226 pages
73,83 EUR