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"Online Coworking Community" for doctoral students

As part of its Academic Career and Qualification Programme, the University of Erfurt is offering doctoral candidates a new service this year: the online coworking community.

It offers 20 doctoral candidates the opportunity to become members of Dr Anna Maria Beck's online coworking community for three months. The community is about exchange with other doctoral candidates, there is a common start to the week, monthly reflection and planning, group coaching and master classes on relevant topics such as scientific writing.

If you want to become a member, you have to attend an information session lasting about 30 minutes. During this session, questions about the community can also be put to Dr. Beck. The information event will take place on 07.04.2022 from 16 to 16.30 hrs  or on 08.04.2022 from 12 to 12.30 hrs. After attending one of the two events, doctoral candidates will have the opportunity to register for membership of the community from 08.04.2022 at 2 pm. A total of 20 places are available.