'Pest in Tel Aviv': Talk by Etti Gordon Ginzburg

You are cordially invited to join the guest lecture "'Pest in Tel Aviv': Mira Lobe's Forgotten Years (1936-1950)" by children's literature expert Dr. Etti Gordon Ginzburg (Oranim College Haifa, Israel) on Wednesday, June 29 between 6 and 8 pm in LG 4 / D01.

In her talk about the internationally renowned German-Austrian writer of children's books Mira Lobe, Dr. Ginzburg is going to address how the Jewish author's displacement during WWII impacted both her literary oeuvre and its reception in various countries. Ginzburg is also going to present new scholarship on a recently surfaced, unpublished manuscript by Lobe.

The talk is open to anyone with an interest in children's literature, specifically students who are training to become teachers.

The event is brought to you by the American Literature and MEd Programs at the University of Erfurt.