Language education in multilingual contexts

Due to our increasingly globalized world, topics such as multilingualism, German as a foreign language and second language are current for all of us. We all have to prepare ourselves for intercultural encounters with a view to our professional future.

Within the framework of the project "Language Education in Multilingual Contexts", we at the University of Erfurt are dealing with this multilingualism and the resulting consequences, which primarily affect teacher training students, as they increasingly encounter linguistic heterogeneity in classrooms. But in all other professional fields, too, cooperation is becoming much more international and multilingual. For this reason we ask you, dear students, to help us with your previous experiences and to fill out the following questionnaire. The main goal of our project is to develop meaningful concepts that will hopefully also prepare you for dealing with linguistic and cultural heterogeneity.

How can you best support the project development?

By participating in our digital questionnaire "Many languages, many cultures - one classroom. participate.

How can you participate in the online survey?

Just click on the link you can start the survey within the next 14 days.

What can you expect from the survey?

The questionnaire consists mainly of questions with predefined answer categories and will only take a few minutes. Since we want to include your own ideas and comments in the project, you will find the section "My comments on the topic" at the end. There you can freely express your thoughts.

What about your personal data?

All collected data will of course be treated confidentially and anonymously and will only be used for the mentioned scientific purpose. We thank you very much for your support!


Prof. Dr. Dr. Csaba Földes,
Dr. Andrea Bambek and Laura Kuhlig, M.A.