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Students of the University of Erfurt support the city of Gotha in a survey

How satisfied are the Gotha people with their home country? Is the city centre clean enough for them, are leisure activities varied enough? And what about family friendliness? These are the questions posed by a study which the city of Gotha has started in cooperation with the University of Erfurt. It aims to examine the image of the city and ultimately help to improve it.

Within the framework of the cooperation, a group of students from communication science developed a research concept, conducted a preliminary study and now launched an online survey. A "win-win situation", says Prof. Dr. Patrick Rössler happily: "For our students from empirical communication research, this is a good opportunity to develop and test different empirical survey procedures and to practice evaluation strategies. The city of Gotha, however, benefits from the collected data, as this is a real setting, so that the results or findings from our study can provide important information for future urban development planning".