Uni Erfurt welcomes Scientific Commission of the Science Council on campus

The University of Erfurt, together with representatives of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, will welcome the Scientific Commission of the Science Council on 27 April in the Communication and Information Centre on campus Nordhäuser Straße. The Commission is meeting in the Thuringian state capital until 29 April as part of its spring meetings.

In Erfurt, the Science Council will discuss the following topics and recommendations, among others:

  •     recommendations for the further development of the health professions: recognising and using scientific potential for health care provision
  •     recommendations for a sustainable design of studies and teaching
  •     recommendations on the funding of research buildings

The results of the meetings will be available on the website of the Science Council from 2 May 2022.

contact for the press:
Dr Christiane Kling-Mathey
e-mail: kling-mathey@wissenschaftsrat.de
phone: 0221/3776-243

About the Science Council

The Science Council is the most important science policy advisory body of the Federal Government and the Länder. Since 1957, it has been advising the Federal Government and the Länder on issues of content-related and structural development of the higher education system as well as on the state funding of research institutions.

With its recommendations, it aims to contribute to ensuring that studying, teaching and research in Germany take place under the best possible conditions.

The Science Council is composed of the Scientific Commission (32 members: 24 scientists and eight public figures) and the Administrative Commission (22 representatives of the Federal Government and the Länder).

The advisory body meets quarterly. Each meeting is hosted by a federal state, which organises the meetings in cooperation with the respective university (or universities) on site.