What atmosphere is needed for the development of potential in teaching? - Psychological safety in lecturing

7. Nov 2023
Uni Erfurt (präsenz)
Nora Missmahl
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Lecturers & adjunct lecturers at the University of Erfurt

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The aim of the workshop is to introduce the concept of psychological safety and to work out its relevance for university teaching. In particular, the importance of psychological safety for successful learning, development of the potential of students and lecturers as well as for innovation and development are in the foreground. In addition, the contents learned will be made tangible in a practical part and directly related to the work in teaching. In this way, a transfer to the reality of work can be established and the competences of the lecturers in the area of psychological safety can be developed.

  • Target group: Teachers at the University of Erfurt
  • Language: German
  • Date/Time: 07.11.2023, 09 am to 3.30 pm
  • Max. number of participants: 12
  • Registration deadline: 21.10.2023

#Further education