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When Monsters Roar and Angels Sing

Hartmut Rosa

Book cover

Eine kleine Soziologie des Heavy Metal
series: Metalbook
Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2023
ISBN 978-3-17-042648-1
187 pages
print: 20 EUR
ebook: 17,99 EUR
audio book: 29,99 EUR

Formerly the Music of Young Outcasts and Outlaws, Heavy Metal has now arrived more and more in the middle of society: Probably more than 10 million Germans listen to heavy metal. But why do they do it? What are they looking for and what do they find in this Music, which is often perceived by outsiders as pure noise? Why is heavy metal so full of monsters and devils – and why are the gods and angels not silent? What do metal fans experience when they listen to their Music – and what experience drives them to the concert again and again? Why do they constantly read music magazines and never stop buying CDs? How can it be explained that 40 percent of metal fans claim that the Music has saved their lives? And why is heavy metal stronger than the music industry? What is heavy metal really about? Hartmut Rosa answers these questions and more in this little sociology of heavy metal.