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"Orange the World" Campaign – University of Erfurt Takes Part!

Violence – whether physical or psychological – is still part of everyday life for women all over the world. From 25 November to 10 December, Human Rights Day, a worldwide campaign is drawing attention to this. Alongside numerous other institutions, the University of Erfurt is also taking part in the campaign and is setting an example with an orange flag at the entrance portal.

Under the patronage of "Bundestag" President Bärbel Bas, this year's campaign is focussing on violence in public life. The violence that women experience every day on the street, on the internet or in the workplace starts with everyday sexism and ends with femicide. In Germany, every third woman is the victim of physical and/or sexualised violence at least once in her life. Almost every third day, a woman is murdered by her partner or ex-partner. The "Orange the World" campaign, which the University of Erfurt is once again supporting, aims to raise awareness of this issue.

Advice and help

Have you experienced violence yourself at the University of Erfurt and need advice and support? Then please contact our Equal Opportunity Office. We are here for you!


You can also find help from the following external organisations: