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The Founding Service/Social Impact Campus sees itself as a competent contact for students, employees and graduates who are thinking about realizing a founding idea with professional support. In addition, we see ourselves as a link between the university's founding efforts and external supporters, with the goal of continuing to actively shape Thuringia's diverse founding landscape. Please feel free to contact us at any time.



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Our Mission

Das Wort purpose

We want to promote innovative, responsible and intercultural action with a Social Founder Campus at the University of Erfurt. The combination of sustainable and scalable business brings financial, ecological and ethical benefits into harmony. It is part of the University of Erfurt's self-image and reform mission to contribute to the development of social entrepreneurship in a comprehensive sense. In doing so, entrepreneurship is associated with an active attitude characterized by independence, creativity and the ability to innovate. In order to achieve this goal, the already existing start-up service has been expanded with the help of project funds from the BMWi within the framework of the funding guideline "EXIST-Potentials". The focus here is on the development and implementation of awareness and qualification measures for entrepreneurial independence as well as the mobilization of those interested in founding a company at the University of Erfurt. 

The target groups of the services offered are explicitly all students, academic staff and postgraduates at the University of Erfurt who are interested in starting up a business. It is important to consider which values are of high priority for society as a whole and how a social, entrepreneurial performance from the university can advance a sustainable development for everyone's benefit. In his book "Gemeinwohlökonomie" (Economy of the Common Good), Christian Felber defines the above-mentioned values as guiding stars on the path of life for all of us. With our project we hope to set further impulses in terms of responsible, social entrepreneurial action on campus and beyond.

Our Team

Our team under the project management of Prof. Dr. Heike Grimm, who is also the representative for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship at the University of Erfurt since the end of

  • M.A. Jana Theuerkauf (Gründungsberaterin)
  • Dipl. Oec. Martin Hellmann  (Gründungsberater)
  • B.A. Babette Brauer (Gründungsassistentin)
  • Niklas Joost (Stud. Hilfskraft)

The EXIST-Project "Social Impact Campus"

Within the "Social Impact Campus" project, which will run for four years (2020-2024), the University of Erfurt will receive a total of 775,000 euros from the German Federal Government (BMWi) to sustainably improve the framework conditions for start-ups and knowledge-based spin-offs from the university. This funding is provided from BMWi project funds as part of the "EXIST Potentials" funding guideline. "Social Entrepreneurship" as well as the formation of intercultural or interdisciplinary start-up teams are the central focal points of activity here.


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