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Our internal and external partners from a wide range of fields support, promote, strengthen, and help with networking - so that your ideas can develop their full impact!


Internal partners


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An important contact and supporting pillar for the permanent, sustainable implementation of the "Social Impact Campus" at our university is the presidium as a management body under the leadership of the university president, Prof. Dr. Bauer-Wabnegg. Therefore, the Foundation Service is increasingly seeking an exchange with this body, but also with other university bodies of the administration, in order to achieve the objectives set out in the Agreement on Objectives and Performance (ZLV) for the realization of entrepreneurship as a competence for action, implementation and methodology. 

University President Bauer-Wabnegg considers the timing for the implementation of our EXIST-funded project "Social Impact Campus" to be ideal. In addition to the preparatory work carried out by the university and the high and increasing demand of many students for start-up support, the "Social Impact Campus" meets in his view, meets the zeitgeist of young people right now. The topics of sustainable management, climate change, scarce resources and other ecological and social challenges are more present in their minds than ever before. The university wants to support them in their mission with an innovative start-up culture and a socially oriented start-up service.

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In order to lend institutional emphasis to this endeavor, at the end of 2020 a representative for start-ups and entrepreneurship was established at the University of Erfurt in the person of Prof. Dr. Heike Grimm.

Press release Founding Commissioner Prof. Dr. Heike Grimm

Founding Ambassadors

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For the comprehensive anchoring of our vision of a "Social Impact Campus" in all faculties and scientific institutions, the start-up service is looking for professors but also academic staff members who would like to become "Start-Up Ambassadors" of their faculty, their chair or their respective institution. Areas of activity of start-up ambassadors can be, for example:

  • Implementation of short inputs on the offers of the start-up service as well as appropriate course-related content blocks on the topic of "start-up" and "Starting up from university" in their own teaching 
  • Participation and inputs at high-profile events of the "Social Impact Campus" (e.g. in the jury of the start-up idea competition) 
  • Forwarding of event announcements of the start-up service in the context of courses
  • Taking over subject-related mentorships for people interested in founding a company at the university (e.g. EXIST start-up scholarship)
  • Any other support to implement the contents of the "Social Impact Campus" at your faculty or institution.

If you are interested in the role of a "Start-up Ambassador" at your university institution, please feel free to contact us, to discuss possible fields of activity.

Please contact us!

Faculty and student representatives

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The Founders Service of the University of Erfurt would like to cooperate more with faculty and departmental councils in order to include faculty and departmental concerns in its offers and to find supporters for the implementation of (social) entrepreneurship in these bodies.

To the student councils 


Student Group E² - Erfurt Entrepreneurs

"E2 - Erfurt Entrepreneurs" was founded as an international student and university group to combine the skills and ideas of local and international students with each other. The group around E2 is an important partner in the university context, when it comes to tracking down social ideas and to give them a first structure. The following focal points of activity go hand in hand with this:

  • Promoting an innovative way of thinking within the university that helps to solve social problems in Erfurt and Thuringia. 
  • Providing tools for idea development and implementation with entrepreneurial means 
  • Additional support besides the start-up service to pre-structure already existing ideas
  • Development of a platform to connect ideas, skills and potentials with each other

 Please contact E2-college group


Student Council StuRa

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The Student Council, as a body representing all students at the University of Erfurt, has already created an important interface by electing a person responsible for the "Start-up Service" area in order to jointly develop suitable formats for the main addressees of the start-up service and to enter into a sustainable exchange about the needs of the students. in this area.

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External partners

The Paritätische Thüringen/parisat GmbH

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When it comes to social issues, the Paritätische Thüringen is the major umbrella organization within the Freie Wohlfahrtspflege. As a well-known player in the social economy with its currently 360 member organizations, it is also an important contact for us on the way to the establishment of the Social Impact Campus at the University of Erfurt. In the coming years, we plan to work even more closely with him on mentorships and the development and implementation of joint courses formats on the topic of "How does the social economy work".

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ThEx/ IHK Erfurt

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The Thuringian Center for Start-ups and Entrepreneurship (ThEx) as an initiative of IHK Erfurt, IHK Südthüringen, HWK Erfurt, HWK Südthüringen and HWK Ostthüringen with its network partners such as ThEx Enterprise, ThEx Mikrofinanzagentur, ThEx Mentoring and ThEx Frauensache offers workshops, seminars and individual start-up and financing advice to people from Thuringia interested in setting up a business, seminars as well as individual start-up and financing advice. Together, we develop teaching formats in the area of Studium Fundamentale and also cooperate with regard to the conception and realization of joint events as well as start-up events.

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SEND e.V. The Network for Social Entrepreneurs and Social Startups in Germany

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An important partner in the implementation of the curricular anchoring of entrepreneurship as well as the strategic promotion of social entrepreneurship at our university is the Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland (SEND) e.V..
The association, which is active throughout Germany, also supports us in the arrangement of internships and the preparation of final theses in combination with an internship in a social startup. We also receive support in finding suitable mentors to accompany the founders and founding teams of our university. through SEND e.V.

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Leuphana University of Lüneburg

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As a mentor university of the EXIST-Potentiale-Project at the University of Erfurt and especially with regard to research transfer and support in implementing of best-practice university-related start-up efforts, Leuphana University Lüneburg is a competent contact for us. The university, which is experienced in start-ups, is actively supporting the implementation of the sustainability concept and the institutional anchoring of the start-up support at the University of Erfurt. 

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Thuringian University Start-Up Network (THGN)

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Due to the remarkable variety of fields of activity and competences of the Thuringian universities, the network offers the possibility of a demand-oriented support for university founders from the idea to the foundation.

The Founders Service of the University of Erfurt is a member of the THGN. This enables a cross-university exchange in the area of start-ups from the university and offers Cooperation opportunities for various events. 

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