Application for a Master's programme

Admission requirements for a Master Programme

Admission to a Master's programme is granted to those who have successfully completed a university study programme with a standard period of study of at least six semesters as a general admission requirement.

The examination regulations for the respective Master's program regulate the program-related admission requirements; the examination board decides on their fulfilment. The letter of admission issued by the examination board is a requirement for enrolment.

How do I apply?

What are the deadlines?

The examination regulations of the Master's programme determine whether the programme can only be taken up in the winter semester or also in a summer semester. You can find information on the possible start of studies in the study offer of the Master's programmes.

The application periods are (depending on a possible start of studies):

  • for the summer semester 2022:   10 November to 15 January
  • for the winter semester 2022/23: May 1 to July 15

How do I apply online?

1. Registration

Before you can submit an application, you must first register in the application portal to create an applicant account at the University of Erfurt. To register, please use an e-mail address that you check regularly. After registration, you will receive a message (welcome e-mail) with your user ID and an activation code / activation link at the e-mail address you have given. You can activate your account by entering the activation code or by calling up the activation link from the e-mail.

Important: Please remember your user ID, which you will receive in the welcome e-mail after your registration, as well as your self-selected password. You will need these to log in to the application portal in the future.

You must register again for each application semester. Data from previous semesters will be deleted. If you have already registered for the current application semester, you can log in directly with your access data.

As part of the enrolment process at the University of Erfurt, personal data is collected and stored. Before filling out the online form, therefore, please note the following information:Information in accordance with Art. 13 EU-DSGVO on the collection, processing and use of personal data in the context of admission and enrolment procedures.

2. Submit an application

After successfully logging into the application portal, you can now submit one or more application requests.

After you have selected your desired degree programme, you will be guided through the application step by step. In the course of the application, you will be asked to upload documents (such as study report) at some points. After completing the data entry, your application will have the status "In preparation". You have the opportunity to check everything again and correct it if necessary.

Incomplete applications and applications that have not (yet) been submitted will be saved so that the application can be continued when you return.

Afterwards, do not forget to submit your application (electronically)!

3. Submit request (electronically)

In order for your application to be processed and checked, you still need to submit it electronically. After submitting an application, it will be given the status "Received" and will appear under "Submitted requests" in your application overview.

The application is completely digital, i.e. you do not have to send any documents by post yet!

4. Stay up to date

You can track the status of your applications in the application portal. If you have activated the e-mail notification in the application portal, you will receive an e-mail from us if something has changed in the status of your study application or if a decision has been provided.

Please note: You will only receive an e-mail when the status changes for the first time. If there are several status changes, no further e-mails will be sent until the next time you log in to the portal and inform yourself. After that, you will receive a new e-mail if there are further changes.

What documents are required?

All documents required for the professional decision of your application can be uploaded electronically during the online application process. Please note that only files in pdf format are accepted.

No documents need to be sent by post as part of the application process. The application is completely digital.

What follows after application?

Your application will be reviewed and decided by the faculty. You will be informed about the processing status of your application in the application portal. If you have activated e-mail notifications, you will also receive a separate e-mail in the event of status changes.

As soon as your application has been decided, you will receive the corresponding notification electronically in the application portal.

How can I accept the study place? What deadlines must be observed?

If you have received a notification of admission, you must accept the place on time. Please declare this by 31 March (summer semester) / 30 September(winter semester) at the latest by applying for enrolment in the application portal. Within the framework of online enrolment, please first complete the required data for enrolment.

Then print out the "Application for enrolment" and send it, together with all the documents listed, by post to the University of Erfurt by 31 March (summer semester) / 30 September (winter semester). 

Please send your complete documents to the University of Erfurt in good time so that you are enrolled at the start of your studies on April 1st (summer semester) / October 1st (winter semester)!

How does enrolment take place?

Once you have submitted all the necessary documents, together with the declaration of acceptance of the place of study, we will enrol you. You will receive your first student datasheet together with your student ID (chip card) by post. On the datasheet you will also find your e-mail adress of the University of Erfurt and your user name for your university account.

In a separate e-mail from the University Computing and Media Centre you will receive your initial password for your Uni account. The initial password is preset for the university account and the email account and must be changed in the first place. For your user account, the change is made via the user portal and for the email account via the web-based log in. For further information please refer to the help pages for the user account.

Please note that your student card (thoska) must be validated by you before your first assignment. You can do this on your first visit to campus.

Campus map of the University of Erfurt with references to the locations of the thoska devices (German only)

Information for International Applicants (NON-EU)

International prospective students from NON-EU countries who have obtained their first university degree (e.g. Bachelor) abroad apply to the University of Erfurt as international students with a separate form via the International Office.

International Office


Studierendenangelegenheiten (Dezernat 1: Studium und Lehre)
Student Affairs
(Department 1: Registrar‘s Office)
C02 – Verwaltungsgebäude / Ground floor (main entrance)
Office hours
in person: Monday to Thursday 12-15 hrs and by appointment
by telephone: Monday to Friday 9-11:30