AOK PLUS and University of Erfurt cooperate in company health management

Over the next three years, AOK Plus will support the University of Erfurt in further developing its health management system. Alexandra Krumbein, Regional Managing Director of AOK PLUS, and Dr. Jörg Brauns, Head of Administration of the University of Erfurt, signed a cooperation agreement to this effect today.

[Translate to English:] Unterzeichnung des Vertrages zwischen der AOK Plus und der Uni Erfurt
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The target is to establish the topic of health promotion in the long term, to create advisory and course offerings for the approximately 6,000 students and 600 employees and to promote the "Healthy University of Erfurt" project.

"The health and well-being of our employees and students is close to our heart as a university," explains Dr. Jörg Brauns. "By establishing and expanding a company health management system, we want to promote this in a targeted manner. We have already been implementing initial measures since 2015 and have done the conceptual groundwork for the introduction of a health management system. We will now build on this and are pleased that we have been able to win a strong partner for this.

And Alexandra Krumbein, Regional Managing Director of AOK PLUS, is also pleased that the previous cooperation, for example at health days or awareness workshops, is now culminating in a three-year partnership: "In this project, our specialists will provide the university with detailed advice, support and tailor-made assistance. We will consolidate existing offers, create new ones and evaluate the joint work.

Among other things, analyses of the health behaviour of students, teachers and administrative staff are planned. An inventory of already existing health-promoting offers as well as ongoing project support and organizational consulting are also planned. Once the concrete need has been determined, the AOK PLUS will offer basic and advanced courses tailored to the specific needs. In particular, the topic of mindfulness will be given more attention - supplemented by content on nutrition and stress management.

The AOK PLUS cooperates within the framework of company health management  has already been working successfully with Thuringian institutions and companies for years. These include the University of Jena, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, employment agencies and job centers or the Thuringian Higher Regional Court of Jena.