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Data Protection and IT Security Day at the University of Erfurt

The supposed e-mail from the boss asking to click on a cryptic lik, the e-mail from the supposed web administrator that the letterbox had "overflowed", the online exam with webcam in the digital semester, the well-intentioned public photo at a university event, the contract forgotten on the photocopier, the photo taken at an advanced hour at the staff party on Facebook, the documents of applicants who have left the company in the waste paper basket ... there are countless situations in everyday university life in which data protection and IT security play an important role.

What is allowed? What should and must I pay attention to in order to protect myself from unwanted access to my personal data by third parties? For many, the European Data Protection Regulation is a "book with seven seals". How can a legal layman be expected to understand all the regulations and exceptions? And don't we already have enough to do in our daily work?

The University of Erfurt would like to accompany its employees and students on their way through the data jungle and - where possible - offer assistance. Because data protection and IT security are also essential for the university as a whole. It's inconceivable if a hacker attack paralyses the university - especially in the digital semester! What this means has been demonstrated not least by the incidents at the beginning of the year in Gießen and only a short time later by the attacks on German mainframe computers in Jülich, Stuttgart and Co. or only recently at the University Hospital Düsseldorf. And so the University of Erfurt is also campaigning to put a stop to unwanted data access by third parties - whether with regard to the protection of its servers and mail systems, in application and appointment procedures or simply in everyday office life.

In order to help us protect your personal data and the personal data of all of us, you need to know what you are doing. The Data Protection and IT Security Day, to which the University of Erfurt is inviting the public on Wednesday, 25 November from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., is intended to make a contribution to this. Online lectures will provide interesting insights into various topics relating to data security. For example, the data protection officer of the Ruhr University Bochum, Dr. Kai-Uwe Loser, will describe in his lecture the experiences with an IT security incident at his university. Another lecture will deal with the new examination software WiseFlow, which the University of Erfurt used for the first time in the summer semester 2020. But research data management and IT security in everyday office life are also on the agenda on this day - among other topics. We look forward to your participation - registration is not required, you can simply dial into the online event of your choice.