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Doctoral Scholarships at the Theological Research Centre

The Theological Research Centre of the University of Erfurt invites applications for up to two doctoral scholarships for the winter semester 2021/22 for the European Graduate School for Research "Theology in religious, cultural and political Processes of Transformation" organised with researchers from the Universities of Leuven and Salzburg.

The doctorates can be written in all theological disciplines. The scholarships are awarded for two years and can be extended for a third year (2+1) if necessary. The call for applications is particularly aimed at younger students (under 30 years of age) of all Christian denominations and at students from abroad. The scholarship is to begin no later than 1.1.2022.

Together with Prof. Dr. Judith Gruber (Leuven, Systematic Theology) and Prof. Dr. Gregor Maria Hoff (Salzburg, Fundamental Theology), the Graduate School is directed in Erfurt by Prof. Dr. Julia Knop (Dogmatics) and Prof. Dr. Benedikt Kranemann (Liturgical Studies). The research projects examine how the processes of change and upheaval that move the Catholic Church worldwide and in very different areas are to be read: as transformations of evolved traditions, as reforms, as dissolution phenomena, etc.? Socio-institutional, religious, political, pastoral developments as well as changes in church administration are taken into consideration. The implications that these changes bring to ecclesiology and thus to the self-understanding of the church are of particular interest. The projects should serve to develop new theological perspectives in order to understand and deal with the crisis of the church and to develop future scenarios for church life.

Scholarships are awarded for theological doctoral projects that deal with one aspect of the above-mentioned thematic field. The application for a scholarship requires an outstanding theological examination (Magister theologiae, relevant MA degree, state examination or other comparable degree). Doctoral candidates are expected to be willing to engage in interdisciplinary research and to participate in the study programme of the Theologische Forschungskolleg. If necessary, scholarship holders can be provided with a workplace. Attendance and residence are compulsory. Financial support amounts to 1,500 EUR per month (plus parents' allowance, if applicable). The doctorate (Dr. theol.) at the University of Erfurt should be completed within three years.

The scholarship holders are supervised by the researchers working on the project and other academics from the participating universities. It includes digital and face-to-face conferences and workshops at the various locations. The Graduate School is part of the Theological Research Centre and its junior research group "Theology - Tradition - Transformation t³".

Please submit the following documents digitally with your application:

  • curriculum vitae;
  • (if applicable, preliminary) transcripts;
  • a letter of recommendation from a professor on your academic qualifications;
  • Master's or MA thesis or state dissertation;
  • an exposé of the research project (approx. 7 pages on the research question, research status, methodology, leading hypotheses, work plan and time schedule).

Initial contact with a researcher who would supervise the project at the University of Erfurt is required.

Please send the digital documents (file with max. 2 MB) to the Theological Research Centre at the University of Erfurt, Manuela Seifert (manuela.seifert@uni-erfurt.de) by 15 September 2021.