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"Erfurt is an exciting hub for Fink research."

Since 2020, the Eugen Fink Archive has been preserved and researched at the University of Erfurt under the direction of Professor Holger Zaborowski. This also brings academics who study the life and work of the philosopher, who died in 1975, to Erfurt for research visits. One of them is Prof. Dr. Qasim Abrah Al Hachami from Iraq's Wasit University. He is working here until September on the first translation of Eugen Fink's "Spiel als Weltsymbol" (1960) into Arabic.

Thomas Sojer, research employee at the professorship for Philosophy at the Faculty of Catholic Theology, met him for an interview. Read the interview on the faculty website.

interview "Neuer Gastwissenschaftler Prof. Dr. Qasim Abrah Al Hachami an der Professur für Philosophie" (in German only)