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Historians from the University of Erfurt support initiative for a cosmopolitan society

When the new initiative "Historians for a cosmopolitan Thuringia" - "HiWelt" for short - presents itself to the public for the first time on September 3 in Erfurt, historians from the University of Erfurt will also be there. More than 80 historians and people interested in history in Thuringia have joined forces in this initiative to counter historical myths and distortions with professional history work and a joint declaration.

The latter are not a new phenomenon. Increasingly, however, populist currents and parties are abusing history in the form of alleged facts more and more openly and brazenly by means of populist rhetoric. The Initiatiove now wants to show how little the diverse everyday and world histories fit in with the ideological talk of nationalist and ethnic identities. Numerous historians from the Universities of Erfurt and Jena, people interested in history, educational and cultural institutions, civil society initiatives, associations and teachers, support with HiWelt the importance of professional historical research that meets the methodological standards of the subject. "With 'HiWelt' we provide various discussion platforms and experts to support each other in joint projects and to act as contact persons for questions from the public," the initiators explain in a press release and invite all those interested in history to get involved. Together, the diversity of history and the history of diversity in Thuringia and beyond will be explored and told.

On Thursday, September 3, 2 p.m., the new initiative for a cosmopolitan society will be presented to the press at the Topf & Sons Place of Remembrance (Sorbenweg 7, 99099 Erfurt). Please register under: weltoffenesthueringen@gmail.com.