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Inauguration Ceremony of the Institute for Planetary Health Behaviour

In the presence of numerous guests from science, culture and politics - including Professor Alena Buyx (Chairwoman of the Ethics Council) and Katrin Göring-Eckart (Vice President of the German "Bundestag") - the Institute for Planetary Health Behavior (IPB) was officially opened today at the University of Erfurt. It was founded in December 2022 and started its work in January.

In his welcoming speech, Benjamin Hoff, Minister for Culture, Federal and European Affairs and Head of the State Chancellery, congratulated the scientists and with them the university on this great success. Founding director Professor Cornelia Betsch then introduced the IPB team: Besides her and Professor Guido Mehlkop as deputy director, Professor Tilmann Betsch, Professor Johannes Bauer, Jun.-Professor Fabian Prochazka as well as the scientific director Dr Miriam Jenny shape the institute with its approx. 40 members. After a panel discussion on the topic "Out of the individualization trap: How individuals, society and politics can act in a climate-friendly way", the approximately 130 guests celebrated the new institute with music and evening sun on the campus.

The IPB ...

... is dedicated to researching human behavior in order to gain insights for health promotion and climate and environmental protection. With its research, it aims to create a basis for raising public awareness of the connection between health, climate and environmental protection and to anchor these topics in society and in the consciousness of individuals. In the future, the institute will be located in the new research building on campus.


(Institute for Planetary Health Behaviour (IPB))
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