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Junior Researcher Network "Documentary Method" (Dokumentarische Methode) presents work report

Various publications, new comrades-in-arms, the submission of a symposium on the topic of "Entgrenzung als (neue) Anforderung an den Lehrberuf?" (Dissolution of boundaries as a (new) requirement for the teaching profession?) within the framework of the DGfE Congress 2022 "ENT | GRENZ | UNGEN" - these are just a few of the things that the Junior researchers' network "Documentary Method" at the University of Erfurt has achieved in the past two years - which can be read in the work report that the network has just presented.

In the context of its initially exclusively methodological work, a further, smaller network was created last year, which, in addition to the common methodological foundation, also researches common content. The focus is on the topic "Entgrenzung als (neue) Anforderung an den Lehrberuf" (Dissolution of boundaries as a (new) demand on the teaching profession).

You can read the entire report in the linked PDF.