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New publication: "Fundamentals of Global Communication"

UTB is publishing a new book by Kai Hafez and Anne Grüne from the University of Erfurt in March. Entitled "Fundamentals of Global Communication", the handbook offers an overview of all essential fields of global communication in organised social systems (mass media, politics, economy, civil society) and lifeworlds (network communities, small groups, individuals) on a unified theoretical basis that also takes into account the interdependencies between the fields.

Globalisation is a central vision of our time. Alongside the economy, media and communication are seen as the driving forces behind the networking of humankind in the direction of a world community. But global communication often remains ambivalent and far behind the economic dependency of the world. Communication is a central resource for overcoming human boundaries and at the same time a field of conflict in which persistent local structures interact with cosmopolitan forms of world observation and dialogue and generate instability.

The authors

  • Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez holds the Professorship of Communication Studies with a focus on Comparative Analysis of Media Systems at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Erfurt.
  • Dr Anne Grüne is a research associate at the Seminar for Media and Communication Studies at the University of Erfurt.

Kai Hafez und Anne Grüne
Grundlagen der globalen Kommunikation
Medien – Systeme – Lebenswelten
UTB, März 2021
ISBN: 9783825255510
380 pages
29,90 EUR