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New publication: "Inklusives Lernen in der Berufsbildung"

Under the title "Inklusives Lernen in der Berufsbildung. Von der Lebenswelt zur Lehr-Lern-Situation", a new book by Matthias Vonken, Jens Reißland, Patrick Schaar, Tim Thonagel and Rainer Benkmann from the University of Erfurt has now been published by wbv Media.

Vocational schools have always been heterogeneous. This is increased by the challenge of structuring them in an inclusive way. The inclusion of the pupils' lifeworld is a prerequisite for the design of inclusive teaching that enables all participants to take part in joint learning. Accepting and understanding each other's lifeworld is another prerequisite for designing inclusive teaching-learning situations.

After an overview of the inclusion discussion in vocational and special education, the authors present the theoretical foundation of their research in this book. In the following chapters, they present the results of their qualitative interview study with teachers, students and trainers on understanding lifeworlds and creating inclusive teaching-learning situations. The results of a nationwide questionnaire study complement the qualitative data and condense them into strategies for inclusive teaching. Suggestions for further training content and an outlook on the role of habitus development of teachers conclude the volume.

The book presents the results of the BMBF-funded research project "Inklusibus - Inclusive Vocational Education and Situational Definition", which show alternative ways of implementing the political mandate for inclusive vocational education.

Matthias Vonken, Jens Reißland, Patrick Schaar, Tim Thonagel and Rainer Benkmann
Inklusives Lernen in der Berufsbildung.
Von der Lebenswelt zur Lehr-Lern-Situation
wbv Media, 2021
ISBN: 978-3-7639-6253-2
E-Book (PDF): ISBN: 978-3-7639-6254-9
264 pages
39,90 EUR