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New publication on Greifswald philology professor Konrat Ziegler

"Kann ein gebildeter Mensch Politiker sein?" ("Can an educated person be a politician?") This question is raised by the eponymous publication by Kai Brodersen, Professor of Ancient Culture at the University of Erfurt, which has just been published by Kartoffeldruckverlag.

Konrat Ziegler (1884-1974) was Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Greifswald from 1923, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in 1926/1927 and Rector of the University in 1928/1929. Equally distinguished in research, especially on Cicero and Plutarch, in teaching on all aspects of classical studies and in academic service as an editor of encyclopaedias and collected works, Ziegler was also a homo politicus.

A convinced democrat, he increasingly came into conflict with nationalist circles and was dismissed by the National Socialists in 1933. Because of his courageous commitment to Jewish fellow citizens, Ziegler was later honoured in Yad Vashem as a "Righteous Among the Nations". Even after the Second World War, Ziegler was active in both academia and politics.

The book, edited by Kai Brodersen, Susanne Froehlich and Hannelore Kohl, documents a celebratory colloquium in Greifswald that took place on the occasion of the unveiling of a commemorative plaque at Konrat Ziegler's home. In four contributions, the publication sheds light on Ziegler's significance and his work as a politician.

Kai Brodersen, Susanne Froehlich and Hannelore Kohl (eds.)
Kann ein gebildeter Mensch Politiker sein?
Konrat Ziegler an der Universität Greifswald 1923-1933.
Speyer: KDV, 2022
ISBN 9783939526490
52 pages
3,50 EUR