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New book series on the topic of "Global Religion"

With globalisation, ever more complex interdependencies are also emerging at the cultural level. Identities and worldviews are changing with an increasing dynamism that can only be understood with a view to both the local tradition and the intercultural-global dimension. This is especially true for religions and religious phenomena. They are often interdependent with other religious communities and knowledge cultures, but also with secular developments in state systems and in society. Under the title "Global Religion - Religion global", a multilingual book series edited by Patrick Becker and Claudia Jahnel is being launched this year by Brill publishing house, which addresses this reflexive entanglement typical of modernity by being shaped by a cultural-analytical perspective that reflects on religions, religious phenomena and worldviews of today in their complex interconnectedness.

In particular, religions are to be viewed as global phenomena, which at the same time are always adapted locally. Against this background, the series will include both studies of local manifestations and analyses of global entanglements and dependencies, insofar as there is always an awareness of the local-global connections in their historical developments. Postcolonial dependencies, Eurocentric constrictions and political dynamics are to be scrutinised just as indigenous influences and local identity processes are to be taken into account. Methodologically, approaches are obvious that perceive and reflect ideological plurality in an appreciative way, reveal (inter-)cultural dynamics and describe their dependencies, and show a special feeling for colonial and other discourses of power.

The first volume of the new book series is written by Kenneth Centeno and deals with the religious situation in the Philippines.