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New podcast episode on digitalisation in schools and teacher education

The Corona pandemic has posed great challenges for universities and especially for schools. And it has brought one thing to light - namely the great weaknesses with regard to digitalisation. This was Gerd Mannhaupt's hour.

The Professor of Basic German at the Faculty of Education, who is not only Director of the Erfurt School of Education but also Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Erfurt, has seen the situation as an opportunity. As an opportunity to significantly develop the university and, above all, to provide the prospective teachers who are trained here with the necessary tools for modern, contemporary teaching. In the 6th episode of our science podcast "WortMelder", we talked to him about what makes a good teacher, how Germany is doing in terms of digitalisation in the education sector, but also how schools will change in the course of digitalisation and what the University of Erfurt can contribute to a sustainable school.

link to the podcast episode