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New publication: "Gottesdienst und Macht. Klerikalismus in der Liturgie"

Under the title "Gottesdienst und Macht. Klerikalismus in der Liturgie" (Worship and Power: Clericalism in the Liturgy), a new publication has been published, with Professor Julia Knop as editor and Professor Benedikt Kranemann - both from the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt - as contributors.

In the course of current church reform debates and processes, the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church is also under scrutiny. For it is in the divine service that the church's self-understanding is expressed. It is here that the roles and self-understandings of clergy and faithful are practised and habitualised through ever new practices. To what extent are liturgical orders and worship practice, theological concepts and spirituality of the (priestly) ministry shaped and permeated by asymmetries that bring disastrous clericalist imbalances to the Church's worship? In four thematic blocks, this volume brings together problem statements from theology and cultural studies on symbolisms of power in liturgy, on the performance of worship, on markers of difference between clergy and faithful, and between (ordained) men and women in the liturgical practice of the Roman Catholic Church.

St. Böntert, W. Haunerland, J. Knop, M. Stuflesser (Eds.)
Gottesdienst und Macht. Klerikalismus in der Liturgie
Regensburg (Pustet) 2021
BN/EAN: 9783791732862
240 pages
24,95 EUR