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New publication on the Pan-Orthodox Council 2016

A new publication by Vasilios N. Makrides and Sebastian Rimestad on the Pan-Orthodox Council 2016 has been published by Peter Lang publishing house.

In 2016, a meeting of the 14 autocephalous (independent) churches of the Orthodox Church family took place on the island of Crete - the first official meeting of the entire Orthodoxy since the seventh ecumenical council of 787. Unfortunately, four of the churches decided at the last minute not to participate in the so-called Pan-Orthodox Council, including the largest among them, the Russian Orthodox Church. The remaining church representatives met anyway and tried to give the meeting historical significance.  In the volume just published, 14 authors analyse the Pan-Orthodox Council to contextualise its significance for the contemporary Orthodox Church and its relations with the religious and secular environment.

The book by Vasilios N. Makrides, Professor of Cultural History of Orthodox Christianity at the University of Erfurt, and PD Dr Sebastian Rimestad (Leipzig) has been published as the 19th volume in the series "Erfurt Studies on the Cultural History of Orthodox Christianity".

Vasilios N. Makrides and Sebastian Rimestad (eds.)
The Pan-Orthodox Council of 2016 – A New Era for the Orthodox Church? Interdisciplinary Perspectives.
(series „Erfurter Studien zur Kulturgeschichte des orthodoxen Christentums“ , No. 19)
Berlin: Peter Lang, 2021
ISBN: 978-3-634-71526-0
273 pages
59,95 EUR