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The experience of linguistic diversity: Students of the University of Erfurt in Paris

As part of the Erasmus-funded "Blended Intensive Programme" on the topic of multilingualism in the primary school context, students from the subject areas of English Studies, Romance Studies and Music at the University of Erfurt had the opportunity during the last week of March not only to apply their skills and competencies in teaching language, but also to develop them together.

Together with students from the Universities of Paris and Valencia, they spent a linguistically and culturally intensive week with the overall goal of planning and implementing two foreign language lessons in a French elementary school class. These were preceded on the one hand by observation and on the other hand by several content-related training units, for example on the use of language awareness-promoting activities, music and storytelling to support language learning. The additional insight into the French school system also encouraged comparison and discussion.

Béatrice Giribone-Fritz, lecturer for French at the Language Centre of the University of Erfurt and one of the leaders of the course, is satisfied: "Overall, the exchange offered the students not only the opportunity to expand their subject didactic, subject-specific and linguistic knowledge, but also to make new contacts and strengthen intercultural skills."

Background to the "Education and Multilingualism" programme

Since the winter semester 2021/2022, hybrid intensive programmes have been funded in the Erasmus+ programme. Students at the University of Erfurt also benefit from this. In an intensive course, which includes work with self-learning material as well as video chat events and a one-week stay in Paris, student teachers can improve their skills in the area of multilingualism. Together with fellow students from the Inspé Paris-Créteil and the Universitat de València, a group of students of the Master of Education Primary Schools with a focus on Romance Studies, English Studies or Music were once again able to deal with teaching methods that incorporate multilingual and cultural aspects of teaching and learning. This involved combining content on multilingualism, language awareness, movement and music.

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