Travel allowances for internships outside Europe


Target group:

Students enrolled in the bachelor's or master's degree programme at the University of Erfurt.


Internships lasting from 6 weeks to 6 months, with at least 6 weeks in calendar year 2023.

Scope of funding:

One-time travel allowance (partial mobility scholarship) by country.


  • Internships after completion of the BA programme can only be funded if there is a pre-admission for the MA programme or a similar connection to the University of Erfurt.
  • Internships within Europe may not be funded in PROMOS, as they can be funded through the "ERASMUS Internship" programme.
  • The travel allowance is not granted if the travel costs are covered by the internship provider.
  • Internships that fit into the DAAD's special tracks may not be funded in PROMOS. First, research at whether there is a direct DAAD programme for your project. This applies, for example, to internships at international organisations (e.g. UN), EU institutions, institutions and organisations that administer EU programmes, Germany's missions abroad, the German Humanities Institutes, the Goethe Institutes, the German Archaeological Institute, at German schools abroad (DAS) and at schools abroad in general (Lehramt.International).