Online Learning Agreement (OLA) and information on recognition for ERASMUS students

The Online Learning Agreement (OLA) is an important tool within the Erasmus programme for the recognition of study and examination results achieved abroad. It is based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Preparing the OLA and obtaining the necessary signatures is time-consuming. Therefore, you should start making the preliminary arrangements and taking care of the Online Learning Agreement during the lecture period of the semester preceding your stay abroad.

Students of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) are usually requested by the host universities to submit the Learning Agreement on a form of the respective host university by e-mail. They do not have to additionally follow the procedure described below to create an OLA in the online portal, although the Swiss universities also use the ECTS system.

Before the stay abroad: Learning Agreement before mobility | Learning Agreement Part 1

The "Online Learning Agreement (OLA) before mobility" must be completed before departure abroad. The exact procedure is described in the Guidelines to the OLA, which must be read thoroughly beforehand.

Guidelines  for the preparation of the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) for Erasmus+ study visits

While Abroad: Learning Agreement during mobility | Learning Agreement Part 2 (Changes)

After signing the Online Learning Agreement before mobility, changes may become necessary for various reasons. How to proceed in this case is also explained in detail in the OLA Guidelines.

Guidelines for the preparation of the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) for Erasmus+ study visits

After your return: Recognition and Learning Agreement Part 3

At the end of your studies abroad, you will receive a Transcript of Records from your host institution that states your academic achievements abroad. You can use the Transcript of Records to apply for recognition. Detailed information on this can also be found under point 3 of the OLA Guidelines.

Guidelines for the preparing the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) for Erasmus+ study visits

Students who completed their Learning Agreement before the OLA was introduced and therefore went through the previous Learning Agreement procedure can find information on recognition here.

Forms and useful links

The following tutorials offer general assistance in completing the OLA, but do not refer to specifics of the University of Erfurt: