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UncertainTEAM – target group oriented communication of scientific uncertainty in multiple crises

The project brings together perspectives from communication science, sociology, psychology and educational research to answer the overarching question of how research communication and journalism should best deal with uncertainty in science. To this end, quality criteria and ways of presenting scientific uncertainty based on them will be worked out and tested with the participation of journalists, science communicators and citizens. Successful communication of uncertainty should 1) create an understanding of scientific uncertainty as an important and productive part of science, 2) facilitate acceptance of scientific results and 3) promote informed, critical trust in science and its communicators.

11/2023 - 10/2026

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) :
600 000 Euro

Project management

Assistant Professor (Seminar für Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft)

Cooperation partner

Prof. Dr. Babette Brinkmann (TH Köln)

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