Economics, Law and Social Sciences – Economics concentration

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Bachelor programme

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Begin of study
winter semester
6 semester
Academic degree
Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
full time and part time
Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
Tuition fee
semester contribution only
Admission restriction
no restricted admission
Dual-subject Bachelor
major and minor subject
Teaching language

Course Details

The increasing global integration of politics, law, economy and culture is one of the great social challenges of our time. Interdisciplinary knowledge, as offered by the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Erfurt, is therefore becoming increasingly important.

It is the only faculty in Germany to combine the three disciplines:

  • law
  • social sciences (political science and sociology)
  • economics

In the major and minor field of study, you will analyse economic processes from various theoretical perspectives. You will examine organisations and households as participants and designers of market processes that trigger intended and unintended consequences of economic activity.

From different perspectives you will develop an understanding of the functioning of decentralised economies. You will explore how private and public organisations function and change and how their activities influence the economic process.

A central theme is also the possibilities and limits of correcting undesirable developments through institutional regulations and economic policy interventions.

Economics, Law and Social Sciences - unique in Germany

The Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences combines the departments of Law (Public and Private Law), Social Sciences (Political Science and Sociology) and Economics into an innovative teaching and research program.

The research combines disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives and, in addition to that, basic theoretical questions from economics, social sciences and law, focuses on the transformation of state and market under the conditions of the current European multi-level system as well as on political, economic and legal instruments for crisis management.

With these courses of study we offer our approximately 800 students the best conditions for developing an interdisciplinary perspective on the social challenges of the 21st century. The supra-regional origin of most students is a clear sign of the high attractiveness of the courses.

Niklas studies Economics, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Erfurt (in German)

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Career Opportunities

Our graduates are active in these professional fields:

  • in private and public management,
  • in the banking sector,
  • in market research, opinion research and trend research,
  • in empirical economic research,
  • in associations and trade unions,
  • in national and international non-governmental organisations,
  • in political parties and the administration.

Meet our alumni!

Our alumni

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Economics in Detail

Structure of the study program

The bachelor's degree course at the University of Erfurt comprises a major and a minor subject (two-subject bachelor's degree) as well as the fundamental course of study. It aims to impart specialist content and occupational field orientation as well as interdisciplinary skills. The standard period of study is six semesters.

Orientation Phase (First Year)

  • Economics (VWL)
    • Microeconomics
    • Mathematics for economists
    • Macroeconomics
    • economics of the state
  • Management
    • Strategic management
    • Organization
  • Basic courses in Economics, Law and Social Sciences (in combination with economics or social sciences, international relations or management)

Qualification Phase (Second/Third Year)

  • Microeconomics
    • Personnel and labour economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • International Economics
  • Economic policy and finance
  • Financial Sociology
  • Econometrics and empirical economic research
  • Organization and Strategic Management
  • Banking Management
  • General principles of management:
    • Financial accounting and balancing of accounts
    • Cost accounting and controlling
    • Investment and financing


The major and minor subjects differ in terms of the content and scope of the course. In the major subject a Bachelor thesis is written.

Examinations regulations Economics, Law and Social Sciences

Possible combinations

Economics can be combined with all fields of study except management or technology.


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Study abroad

Study abroad

A semester abroad in an English speaking country is strongly recommended. The International Office will be happy to assist you in organizing your stay abroad.

Study abroad


Internships during studies

  • Interdisciplinary Internship for Vocational Field
  • optional: Internship for Vocational Field

Admissions qualification

Studying with Abitur

  • general qualification for university entrance or the subject-related higher education entrance qualification or a comparable previous education

General information on the admission requirements (study without Abitur):

Language requirements

Good knowledge of English is expected.

Language Centre

The Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum) offers around 140 language courses per semester in 16 modern and ancient (foreign) languages. It supports you in acquiring and deepening your language skills.

International applicants

Information on required German language skills and the German language test for university admission (DSH)
Language requirements for access / DSH

No admission limitation (without nc)

No admission limitation (without nc)

At present, no admission restriction (without numerus clausus) is expected.

Master Programs

Open Day & Discovery Days

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Open Day

Open Day

Numerous information and advisory services offer you the opportunity to see the study and living conditions in Erfurt for yourself at the open day. Get to know the green campus and the beautiful old town centre on guided tours. Information on the program: Open Day

Discovery Days

The discovery days at the University of Erfurt mean experiencing "studying up close". Within a week (on as many days as you like) you can attend selected courses (lectures or seminars) and get a taste of campus life. Information and program: Discovery Days

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We study Economics, Law and Social Sciences (in German)

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