Online enrolment (matriculation)

Attention! Application portal closed from 3rd June to 10th June 2024!

Due to the migration of the student administration to a new software system, the application portal will not be available from 3rd June to 10th June 2024!
Applications cannot be submitted or processed during this period.
We ask for your understanding!

Enrolment in Bachelor's degree programmes with open admissions

The bachelor's programme at the University of Erfurt comprises a major and a minor subject (two-subject bachelor). These are referred to as partial study programmes in the following. Most of the partial courses of study in the Bachelor's degree are free of admission, i.e. the number of places for new students and/or career changers is not limited here. In the course offerings for the Bachelor's degree, you can check in advance whether the partial courses of study you have chosen are free of admission.

If at least one of the Bachelor's programmes you wish to study is subject to an admission restriction , please note the information on online applications for subjects with an admission restriction.

Only if two admission-restricted partial degree programmes are combined, enrolment can take place without prior application.

You will be enroled if you:

  • have a higher education entrance qualification (see General admission requirements),
  • can prove that you meet any special admission requirements (in the case of a combination with Sport, Music, Arts or Communication Studies),
  • if required, proof of English language skills at level B2 (for a combination with Communication Studies, International Relations, Management or Economics, Law and Social Sciences).
  • submit the online application for enrolment submit
  • submit all required documents and
  • the payment of the fees and contributions due (semester contribution, long-term study fees, if applicable).

How do I enrol?

What deadlines must be observed?

A Bachelor's degree programme at the University of Erfurt can be taken up in the winter semester.

The enrolment period is from 1 May to 15 September.

How does online enrolment work?

1. registration

Before you can submit an application, you must first register in the application portal to create an applicant account at the University of Erfurt. To register, please use an e-mail address that you check regularly. After registration, you will receive a message (welcome e-mail) with your user ID and an activation code / activation link at the e-mail address you have given. You can activate your account by entering the activation code or by calling up the activation link from the e-mail.

Important: Please remember your user ID, which you will receive in the welcome e-mail after your registration, as well as your self-selected password. You will need these to log in to the application portal in the future.

You must register again for each application semester. Data from previous semesters will be deleted. If you have already registered for the current application semester, you can log in directly with your access data.

As part of the application or enrolment process at the University of Erfurt, personal data is collected from you and stored. Before filling out the online form, please note the following information:

Information in accordance with Art. 13 EU-DSGVO on the collection, processing and use of personal data in the context of the admission and enrolment procedures.

2. submit application

After successful registration in the application portal, you can now submit one or more application requests.

After you have selected your desired degree programme, you will be guided through the application step by step. At some points in the application, you have the option of uploading documents in advance (e.g. aptitude test certificate, proof of language proficiency). These documents must be uploaded at the latest for enrolment.

After completing the data entry, your application will have the status "In preparation". You have the opportunity to check everything again and correct it if necessary.

Incomplete applications and applications that have not (yet) been submitted will be saved so that the application can be continued when you return.

Don't forget to submit your application (electronically) afterwards!

3. submit application (electronically)

In order for you to be able to apply for enrolment or for your application to be processed and checked if you have chosen a Bachelor's programme with special admission requirements (Music, Arts or Communication Studies), you still have to submit the application electronically.

The application is completely digital, i.e. you do not have to send any documents by post!

4. Stay up to date

You can track the status of your applications in the application portal. If you have activated the e-mail notification in the application portal, you will receive an e-mail from us if there has been a change in the status of your student application.

5. Apply for enrolment

As soon as the overall status of your application changes to "admitted", you can submit an application for enrolment in the applicant portal. The information you already provided in your application must be supplemented by some data that we require for your studies at our university. Please follow the further instructions in the applicant portal and then let yourself be guided through the online enrolment!

After completing your data, click on the 'Finish and calculate fees' button. The fees and contributions to be paid for the enrolment are now calculated on the basis of this data and the corresponding invoice(s) are listed.

By clicking on the “To overview” button, you will return to the overview page with your application and enrolment applications. Please submit all documents for enrolment digitally. Clicking on the “Next to document upload” button will lead you directly to the required documents.
After you have uploaded the required documents will the enrolment application complete and your documents can be checked by us.

What documents must be uploaded?

The documents to be uploaded for enrolment are listed in the Information for enrolment.

What happens after enrolment?

If you have uploaded all the required documents and you fulfil the admission requirements for a Bachelor's degree programme at the University of Erfurt, we will enrol you.

As your enrolment application status changes to “enroled”, your user data for the university account (University of Erfurt e-mail address, your user name and the initial password) will be available on the start page of the applicant portal. The initial password must first be changed for unrestricted use of the services of the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ). The change is made via the URMZ user portal. Only then is your university account active. As soon as you have activated your university account by changing the initial password, you can also use it to log in to the applicant/student portal. Your previous access data (applicant account) will only be available as a temporary login after enrolment.

We will send you your student ID card (thoska) by post.
Once you have enroled, you will be a member of the University of Erfurt from the start of the semester.

Please note that you will need to validate your student ID card (thoska) before using it for the first time. It is best to do this on your first visit to the campus.

Campus map of the University of Erfurt with references to the locations of the thoska devices (German only)

Student Orientation Days (STET)

You are cordially invited to the Student Orientation Days in the week before lectures begin. These will give you a good start to your studies.

You will find all the information and the times of the individual events on the Student Orientation Days (STET) pages from the end of September.

Student Orientation Days

Dates in the application and enrolment procedure


Start of the application period for the winter semester 2024/25


Open Day

On this day, the University of Erfurt presents itself and its degree programmes on campus.


Aptitude Test Arts - Registration Deadline

The practical aptitude test Art will take place on 13.06.2024.


Music aptitude test - Registration deadline

The aptitude test will take place on 18th and 19th June 2024.


Sports aptitude test - Registration deadline

The aptitude test takes place on 21.06.2024.
Attention: An application for participation in the admission procedure must be made in parallel by 15.07.2024 in the applicant portal of the University of Erfurt.


Enrolment deadline for Bachelor's degree programmes with open admission


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