Bachelor programme Music
Bachelor programme

Degree Profile

Begin of study
winter semester
6 semester
Academic degree
Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
full time and part time
Faculty of Education
Tuition fee
semester contribution only
Admission restriction
no restricted admission
Dual-subject Bachelor
major and minor subject
Teaching language
School subject
Teacher relevance
Primary schools, Secondary schools, Special schools

Course Details

In the major and minor subject Music you will acquire basic knowledge:

  • in the field of Musicology
  • in the field of Music theory
  • practical Music skills

During your music studies you will receive an overview of music history and deepen your knowledge of the chosen music epochs. The programme also includes an exploration of the music of other cultures. In addition, you will deal with popular forms of music such as jazz, rock and pop music in a close combination of theory and practice. 

Further components of the course of study:

  • Instrumental section
  • Ensemble play
  • Group music making
  • Vocal area
  • Conducting
  • Media forms of communication, presentation and production

Job & Career Perspectives

Our graduates are active in these professional fields:

  • Teaching music in primary and regular schools
    (provided that a Master's degree related to teaching profession has been completed)
  • on the free education market
  • in Youth cultural centres
  • in Cultural offices
  • in Cultural authorities
  • in related fields

The Bachelor's degree also opens up access to postgraduate courses at various universities, e.g:

  • in Music education
  • in Music journalism
  • in Music therapy
  • in Music management

Music programme in Detail

Structure of the study programme

The bachelor's degree course at the University of Erfurt comprises a major and a minor subject (two-subject bachelor's degree) as well as the fundamental course of study. It aims to impart specialist content and occupational field orientation as well as interdisciplinary skills. The standard period of study is six semesters.

Orientation Phase (First Year)

Required modules:

  • Music Education and Musicology I
  • Music Theory and Practical School Instrumental Playing I
  • Artistic Practice: Instrumental I
  • Artistic Practice: Vocal I

Two of four optional modules:

  • Movement/Dance/Scenic Play
  • Group music making
  • Practical school band work
  • Studio work/music production

Qualification Phase (Second/Third Year)

Required modules:

  • Music Education and Musicology II
  • Music Theory and Practical School Instrumental Playing II
  • Artistic Practice: Instrumental II
  • Artistic Practice: Vocal II
  • Graduation module

Optional modules:

  • Integrative Module: Artistic Study
  • Integrative Module: Lecture Recital
  • Integrative Module: Artistic and/or Pedagogical Performance
  • Subject didactics - project seminar, if an integrative module is completed in the Master's programme
  • Music Education
  • Musicology
  • Applied music theory
  • Artistic practice
  • Artistic-pedagogical practice
  • Art Theory and Aesthetics
  • Fundamentals of educational science


The major and minor subjects differ in terms of the content and scope of the course. In the major subject a Bachelor thesis is written.

Examinations regulations major Music

Examinations regulations minor Music

Possible combinations

At the University of Erfurt, you will study a major and a minor subject (two-subject bachelor) in the bachelor's programme. You may have to observe combination rules.

Combination rule:

  • Music can be combined with all fields of study.

Online-Tool Studimat

The STUDIMAT supports you in combining the major with the minor subject. Try it out now!

Study abroad

Study abroad

A semester abroad in an English speaking country is strongly recommended. The International Office will be happy to assist you in organizing your stay abroad.

Study abroad


Internships during studies

  • Interdisciplinary Internship for Vocational Field
  • optional: Internship for Vocational Field

Further internships for students with the professional goal of becoming teachers:

  • two school type-related school internships in the Bachelor program

Study teaching profession

Information about study teaching profession

Teacher training takes place in the Bachelor-Master study system. The degree is equivalent to the 1st state examination. Following the Master's programme, you will complete the preparatory service, which concludes with the 2nd state examination.
study teaching at the University of Erfurt

Relevance for teacher training

If you follow a master's degree course in teaching, you will acquire the teaching qualification for the subject Music at the following schools:

  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools

Studying to become a primary school teacher

  • Combination of the major subject Primary Education with the minor subject Music

Download Flyer "Studying to become a primary school teacher" (in German)

Studying to become a primary school teacher

Studying to become a secondary school teacher

  • Combination of Music with minor subject (relevant to the teaching profession)

Download Flyer "Studying to become a secondary school teacher" (in German)

Studying to become a secondary school teacher

Admissions qualification

Studying with Abitur

  • general qualification for university entrance or the subject-related higher education entrance qualification or a comparable previous education

General information on the admission requirements (study without Abitur):

Aptitude test

  • successful participation in the aptitude test of Art

Language requirements

Language requirements during studies

  • German: Upon application, international applicants must prove German language skills at level B1.

Language Centre

The Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum) offers around 140 language courses per semester in 16 modern and ancient (foreign) languages. It supports you in acquiring and deepening your language skills.

International applicants

International applicants whose native language is not German must provide proof of sufficient German language skills (level B1) upon application.

Information on required German language skills and the German language test for university admission (DSH):

Language and Admission Requirements 

No admission limitation (without nc)

Without admission limitation (without NC)

At present, no admission limitation (without numerus clausus) is expected.

Master Programmes

Open Day & Discovery Days

Studierende am Info-Punkt bei den Schnuppertagen
Open Day

Open Day

Numerous information and advisory services offer you the opportunity to see the study and living conditions in Erfurt for yourself at the open day. Get to know the green campus and the beautiful old town centre on guided tours. Information on the program: Open Day

Discovery Days

The discovery days at the University of Erfurt mean experiencing "studying up close". Within a week (on as many days as you like) you can attend selected courses (lectures or seminars) and get a taste of campus life. Information and program: Discovery Days

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Music in study and leisure

Chamber Choir

Academic Orchestra Erfurt e.V.

The Academic Orchestra Erfurt e.V. (formerly the University Orchestra) rehearses a new programme every semester, usually with symphonic instrumentation (strings and winds). Those who play an orchestral instrument can also have their participation credited as a course credit in the Studium Fundamentale.

Current programme and dates

Webseite Akademischen Orchesters Erfurt

Contact (Dirigent)

Big Band at University of Erfurt

The Big Band of the University of Erfurt is always happy to welcome new members. However, knowledge of sheet music is mandatory and playing skills should match the level of the big band. Participation in the Big Band is also possible as part of the Studium Fundamentale.


Jazz and Gospel Choir

Knowledge of music and choir experience are desirable, but not essential. However, committed and continuous rehearsal attendance is required. Participation in the gospel choir may also be possible as part of the Studium Fundamentale.


Chamber Choir of the University of Erfurt

Are you in the mood for challenging choral music? Then the University of Erfurt Chamber Choir is the right place for you. We work once a week and occasionally on rehearsal weekends to listen to each other and get to the bottom of the music with our voices. The rehearsal programme is usually followed by the choir regulars' table, where we also talk about things far away from music.

If you would like to sing with us, you can take part in a short audition to see if you fit in vocally. You can make an appointment for this with our artistic director Michael Käppler at any time. The choir can also be taken as part of the Studium Fundamentale in the area of aesthetic perception.




University Choir

The University Choir is intended for all students of the University of Erfurt who are open to a wide range of choir repertoire, but also for interested singers who do not belong to the university. Initial singing experience and enjoyment of making music together are required. The choir has regular opportunities to perform every year at the University of Erfurt's summer and Advent concerts as well as other concerts.


Music aptitude test

Learn more about the music aptitude test on the website of the subject area Music.

Music aptitude test

How does the music aptitude test at the University of Erfurt works? (in German)

[Translate to English:] Eignungsprüfung Musik

Please note: Once you watch the video, data will be transmitted to Youtube/Google. For more information, see Google Privacy.


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The major and minor subject in Music is admission-free (without NC), but successful participation in the aptitude test is required for application.

Application for the two-subject Bachelor's degree:

If you wish to combine Music with an admission-free program (without NC), you can enrol directly from May 1 to September 15. Please enclose a copy of the notification of suitability with your application for enrollment/registration.

Enrol now for Music!

If you wish to combine Music with an admission-restricted course of study (with NC), please apply from May 1 to July 15 via the following link. The letter of aptitude does not have to be enclosed with the application. After receiving an admission, please accept the place of study in due time. The letter of aptitude can be submitted subsequently if necessary.

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