Library Commission

Eine Studentin in der Universitätsbibliothek der Universität Erfurt


The Library Commission advises on fundamental questions of the University Library (such as library development, media structure, subject structure) and on basic questions of user operation).


End of the term of office: 30.09.2022 (whereby the representatives from the group of students are newly appointed every year)


four professors, one from each faculty and one professor from the Max Weber Kolleg. The President nominates a professor as chairperson. If necessary, the committee elects a professor as deputy chairperson.

  • Prof. Dr. Sören Kraußhar (Faculty of Education), appointed chairman
  • Prof. Dr. Josef Römelt (Faculty of Catholic Theology)
  • Prof. Dr. Dietmar Mieth (Max-Weber-Kolleg)
  • Prof. Dr. Gila Schauer (Faculty of Philosophy)
  • Prof. Dr. Tobias Rötheli (Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences)

two representatives from the group of academic employees, one of them from the library service

  • Dr. Özgür Dürerk
  • Susanne Werner

two representatives from the student group

  • Jascha Borrey
  • Miriam Becker

one representative of the other staff from the library service

  • Katharina Hartisch

the Director of the University Library (advisory)

  • Gabor Kuhles

Representative of the user interests of the Gotha Research Library

  • Dr. Volker Heenes

The managing directors of the faculties and the MWK are invited as permanent guests of the commission. They may be represented as guests in the commission by a person nominated by the Faculty or College Council.


Gabor Kuhles
(Erfurt University Library)
Universitätsbibliothek (UB) / Room 145