Commission for International Affairs


The commission advises the Senate on fundamental international matters and those that go beyond a faculty. It also advises on measures with regard to the internationalisation strategy of the University of Erfurt. It examines cooperation agreements in this regard that are concluded on behalf of the University of Erfurt. In consultation with the International Office, the Senate Commission coordinates and is responsible for the selection procedure for awarding exchange places and scholarships at university-wide level. The Senate Commission for International Affairs can invite internal or external experts to its meetings in an advisory capacity for specific matters.

End of the term of office: 30.09.2025 (whereby the representatives from the group of students and doctoral candidates are newly appointed annually and confirmed by the senate).




Four professors, one from each faculty

  • Prof. Dr. Sören Kraußhar (Ewi)
  • Prof. Dr. Myriam Wijlens (KTF)
  • Prof. Dr. Holt Meyer (Phil)
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Kessler (Stawi)

one representative of the Max-Weber-Kolleg
Dr. Amelie Stuart

one representative of the Brandt School
Florian Heintze

two representatives of the academic employees

  • Dr. Gbadebo Collins Adeyanju
  • Dr Anne Grüne

Two student representatives

  • Anastasia Helmschrot
  • Edward Vaughan

two representatives of the doctoral students

  • Joao Gabriel Vasconcellos Godoy
  • René Porschen

one representative of the employees in Technology and Administration
Sabine Altwein, deputy: Claudia Behnke-Hermann

one representative of the International Office (advisory)
Manuela Linde

the Diversity Officer of the University of Erfurt (advisory)
Niklas Radenbach

one representative from the Language Centre (advisory)
Dr. Susanne Hoppe

Representative of the Research and Graduate Services Department (advisory)
Lucas Rischkau

The managing directors of the faculties and the MWK are invited as permanent guests of the commission and may be represented as guests in the commission by a person nominated by the Faculty or College Council. Representatives of the research and scientific institutions (FZG, FB, ESE, etc.) should be invited on a topic-related basis.


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