Study Affairs Commission

Eine Studentin sitzt in einem Hörsaal der Universität Erfurt


The Commission for Academic Affairs advises on fundamental matters of study and teaching. It prepares the Senate's resolutions on framework examination regulations as well as the establishment, amendment and cancellation of study programmes. It also examines the examination regulations adopted by the faculties, taking into account the applicable (external and internal) guidelines and agreements, the feasibility of the course offerings in terms of capacity and their coherence in terms of content. The commission advises on questions of quality development of studies and teaching and prepares the Senate's resolution on quality assurance procedures and measures.


End of the term of office: 30.09.2025 (whereby the representatives from the group of students are newly appointed every year).


the Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt

the deans of studies from the four faculties and, if applicable, one professorial deputy from each faculty.

  • Apl. Prof. Dr. Heike Hahn, deputy: Prof. Dr. Sandra Neumann (Ewi)
  • Prof. Dr. Julia Knop, deputy: Prof. Dr. Norbert Clemens Baumgart (KTF)
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Waldner, deputy: N.N. (Phil)
  • Prof. Dr. Mirjam Zschoche, deputy: Prof. Dr. Till Talaulicar (Stawi)

One representative from the Max-Weber-Kolleg (advisory)
PD Dr. Andreas Pettenkofer

the ESE Director of Studies
Prof. Dr. Sandra Neumann

two representatives from the group of academic employees

  • Houda Kouradine-Peterhänsel
  • Dr. Markus Seifert

Two representatives from the group of students

  • Leonie Brähne
  • Ramon Bachmann

the head of the Department of Studies and Teaching (advisory)
Bernhard Becher

the head of the staff unit Quality Management in Studies and Teaching (advisory)
Andreas Höfelmayr

the Head of the Language Centre (advisory)
Dr. Susanne Hoppe

the Quality Management Officers of the Faculties (advisory)

  • Dr. Nicole Haußecker (Phil, KTF)
  • Dr. Robert Fritzsch (Stawi)

a representative of the adjunct lecturers appointed on a semester basis with the right to speak. The representative in question is invited as a member. In order to participate, he/she must have indicated his/her willingness to participate to the senate office at the latest one week after the start of the lecture period of a semester; if there is more than one interested party, the decision is made by random draw.


Sabine Adamy-Kühne
Staff member of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
(University of Erfurt)