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"eduroom": media production room supports digital teaching at the University of Erfurt

With a new media production room, the University of Erfurt now offers its teachers and students a workplace where they can independently create educational media.

View of the media production room "eduroom" at the University of Erfurt.

The workstation is equipped with high-quality technology for producing videos and audios and can be booked via the scheduler tool in the Moodle room „Medienproduktionsraum des eduroom“ .

"Not least the Corona pandemic has shown how important it is that we continue to expand the possibilities for our media-supported teaching," explains Professor Gerd Mannhaupt, head of the "eduroom" project at the University of Erfurt. The new media production room is an important building block for this. With the support of Michael Trommer from the URMZ, it was initially set up provisionally on the first floor of the Communication and Information Centre (KIZ, R. 1.08) on campus, but is to be integrated into the "eduroom - Workshop for Media Education" in teaching building 2 next year, which is currently being built there as part of the DigiLernLab / eduroom sub-project of the „Forschungscampus digitale Lehrer*innenbildung“ (Digital Teacher Education Research Campus).

The use of the media production room is very simple: book the desired time slot with the scheduler in Moodle --> pick up the transponder to open the room at the URMZ service desk --> make a recording and edit it if necessary --> save the data on an external storage device and delete it on the eduroom PC --> clean the workstation --> hand in the transponder --> done!


  • If you are unable to use the room on the booked date, please release the room again in the scheduling tool by clicking on "Cancel booking".
  • Please note that the appointment can only be booked by one person, but the room can be used by up to three people (subject to the applicable Corona protection regulations).
  • Teachers who wish to use the room more than once can have access to the media production room activated on their transponder. Please inform us of your interest informally in an email to eduroom.medienbildung@uni-erfurt.de.
  • Please return the transponder to the Service Desk immediately after using the room. Please note the opening hours of the Service Desk! If the booked time slots are outside the opening hours of the Service Desk (or start/end), please contact the eduroom team in advance.

If you have any further questions, please contact the eduroom team by email: eduroom.medienbildung@uni-erfurt.de.