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"Institute for Planetary Health Behaviour" starts its work at the University of Erfurt

Climate change requires far-reaching measures. At the University of Erfurt, the new "Institute for Planetary Health Behavior" (IPB) has now started its work. It focuses research on the cause and possible combatant of climate change: humans and their behavior.

"Planetary Health" looks broadly at the health consequences of human intervention in the natural world. "Our scientific work on climate-healthy behavior and its framework is intended to look at the societal, political and individual levels and promote transformation toward better planetary and human health: Because our health depends on a healthy planet," explains Professor Cornelia Betsch, director and one of the founders of the new institute. In the research team, she works together with scientists from the fields of health communication (managing director Dr Mirjam Jenny), social, organizational and economic psychology (Professor  Tilmann Betsch), educational research (Professor Johannes Bauer), empirical social research (deputy director Professor Guido Mehlkop) and communication science (ProfessorFabian Prochazka). In the future, the spectrum of disciplines is to be further expanded.

The new "Institute for Planetary Health Behaviour" aims to understand behavior and communication processes in order to promote human health and protect the climate and the environment. The research team also wants to better understand, for example, the acceptance of measures to support system changes. It will do so by developing behavioral science tools, new approaches to research communication and journalism, and education that contribute to a climate-healthy future.

The newly established institute has now begun its work - a grand opening is planned for the summer.

Walter Bauer-Wabnegg, President of the University of Erfurt: "I am pleased that we can contribute to these challenges from within the University of Erfurt."