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New publication: "Lehrersprache und Gesprächsführung in der inklusiven Grundschule"

A new book by Tanja Jungmann, Christiane Miosga and Sandra Neumann, published in May by Ernst Reinhardt publishing house, deals with "Teachers' Language and Conversation in Inclusive Primary Schools". It is aimed at students of all teaching professions, especially (inclusive) primary school, trainee teachers, primary and lower secondary school teachers at inclusive schools and special schools.

Teachers shape and control almost 70 per cent of teaching with their language. Therefore, dealing with one's own teacher language and conscious conversation is inevitable for the professionalisation of all teachers. This practical handbook conveys a multimodal concept of teacher language, which includes paraverbal, non-verbal and verbal means, in a clear and practical way. The concrete implementation is illustrated and thematised not only in class discussion but also in language-sensitive subject teaching as well as in speech therapy lessons. Furthermore, the book is dedicated to the promotion of multimodal communication behaviour of pupils with special support needs in the linguistic, cognitive and social-emotional areas in the classroom.

The authors:

  • Professor Tanja Jungmann, graduate psychologist, is employed at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg as a professor for language and communication and its special educational support.
  • Professor Christiane Miosga is a professor in the Department of Language Pedagogy and Therapy at Leibniz Universität Hannover.
  • Professor Sandra Neumann holds the professorship for Inclusive Educational Processes with Impairments of Language and Communication at the University of Erfurt.
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Tanja Jungmann, Christiane Miosga and Sandra Neumann
Lehrersprache und Gesprächsführung in der inklusiven Grundschule
ERV Ernst Reinhardt publishing house, 2021
ISBN: 978-3-497-03030-9
172 pages
€ [D] 24,90 / € [A] 25,60


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