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New publication on the plurality of military formations in the early modern period

In the series " Governance and Social Systems in the Early Modern World", an anthology co-edited by Markus Meumann entitled "The Military in the Early Modern World: A Comparative Approach" has just been published by V&R academic.

This global-historical book poses the question of what is actually meant when we speak of 'military', 'armies' or 'armed forces' in relation to the world of the early modern period. Using examples from North America, East Asia as well as Eastern, Western and Central Europe, the contributions draw a multi-layered picture of (para-)military conflicts and armed forces in the early modern period and at the same time critically question their previous historiographical classification, which was usually shaped by nation-state narratives. In view of this, the volume argues for a transnational and transcultural perspective as well as a reflective application of modern terms to early modern phenomena, so as not to obscure diachronic and synchronic differences.

Markus Meumann & Andrea Rühringer (Hrsg.)
The Military in the Early Modern World
A Comparative Approach
(Reihe: Herrschaft und soziale Systeme in der Frühen Neuzeit, Band 026)
V&R Unipress, 2020
ISBN: 978-3-8471-1013-2
356 pages
45 EUR