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New study examines "Querdenken" movement

Tilman Klawier (University of Hohenheim) and Fabian Prochazka (communication scientist at the University of Erfurt) have presented a new study entitled "Who understands the 'lateral thinkers'? It is the result of a representative survey conducted as part of a teaching research project with students.

In it, the researchers investigated who actually has an understanding for lateral thinkers (Querdenker) and how this group informs itself. The first thing that stands out is that the lateral thinkers have little support among the population: Only twelve percent of the respondents have rather or full understanding for their protests ("Querdenker sympathisers"). However, since this group is very active and loud, especially in social networks, the social majority relations often appear different. For our research blog "WortMelder" we asked Fabian Prochazka: "What role does social media play for cross-thinkers and cross-thinker sympathisers?"

Read the article at:  www.uni-erfurt.de/forschung/aktuelles/forschungsblog-wortmelder/nachgefragt-welche-rolle-spielen-soziale-medien-fuer-querdenker-und-querdenker-sympathisanten (in German only)