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Research seminar on early modern history of knowledge and culture

The Research Centre Gotha at the University of Erfurt is offering a series of lectures on early modern history of knowledge and culture as part of its Intellectual History Research Colloquium in the winter semester 2020/21 under the direction of PD Dr. Benjamin Steiner.

The research colloquium deals with topics of the history of ideas, knowledge and culture of the early modern period. It brings together lectures by researchers who report on their work in Erfurt and Gotha, as well as contributions from external guests, which are discussed in the colloquium. Participation is suitable for advanced students who are preparing for their own qualification work. Furthermore, anyone interested in current developments in research in the field of intellectual history is invited to participate.

Please note: Due to Corona, all courses are virtual. Please register by e-mail at forschungszentrum.gotha@uni-erfurt.de. After your registration you will receive the access link to the seminar.