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Students at the University of Erfurt develop a quiz on media competence

Social networks are very popular with children and young people. However, what happens in the background of such media offerings with the data collected about the users when they use the services often remains in the dark. But: based on such data, algorithms decide which news users see, which people they should follow and which product might interest them.

"That's why it's so important that children and young people acquire media literacy - and thus knowledge about the power of algorithms - in order to be able to classify videos or news correctly," say Sebastian Hilt and Max de Baey-Ernsten. The two are studying for a Master's degree in Children's and Youth Media at the University of Erfurt and have developed a quiz as part of the media education project seminar "Open Educational Resources", which is intended to promote young people's media criticism skills in social networks.

In our campus blog "Ich mag meine Uni" we present the quiz in more detail - it's worth taking a look...