Planning and preparation of a semester abroad

If you intend to spend a certain period of your studies abroad, start planning early!

As a rule, 12 to 18 months before the start of your studies abroad are estimated for planning and preparation. Especially scholarship applications have a long lead time. First of all, discuss with your mentor in which part of your studies a semester abroad would be the most appropriate. At the same time, think about the target region and the university you would like to go to.


Self-organized semester abroad or exchange programme?

First of all, familiarise yourself with the University of Erfurt's partner universities and the current announcements and get an overview of the requirements of a self-organised semester abroad. The following links are helpful:

  • Overview of the exchange programmes of the University of Erfurt (Erasmus programme and university partnerships outside the Erasmus programme). The exchange places are usually advertised at the beginning of the winter semester. The stay is then in the following academic year (September to July). As a rule, an exchange programme lasts one semester; sometimes two semesters are possible.
  • Individually organized study abroad: Among the important information, you should check after you know which country you want to go to are semester dates, application deadlines and costs. Detailed information about your desired country of study and its higher education system can be obtained, for example, from the German Academic Exchange Service or the country profiles of Gate Germany.