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"Never Again: Germans and Genocide After the Holocaust"

The Centre for Transcultural Studies/Perthes Collection of the University of Erfurt is pleased to invite anyone interested to the public lecture on June 20th, taking place within the DFG-funded research group on "Voluntariness".

In June 2023, US historian Andrew Port will visit the Research Group on Voluntariness at the University of Erfurt. Andrew is an expert on modern German history, communism and state socialism. We are pleased to announce Andrew Port's public talk, entitled “Never Again: Germans and Genocide After the Holocaust”, in which he will examine how the experiences and memory of National Socialism shaped German responses to the genocides in Cambodia, Bosnia, and Rwanda and informed Germany's understanding of its own history. The lecture draws on material from his recently published book Never Again (Harvard University Press, 2023).

We cordially invite you to attend the lecture, which will take place on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 from 6-8 p.m. on Gotha Research Campus at the Centre for Transcultural Studies (Pagenhaus, Friedenstein Castle).