Language skills, courses and examinations

Required language skills

Different language skills are required for each exchange programme. You will find more detailed information in the exchange programme description.

Language Level Tests

If a certain level of language proficiency is required, this must be proven by a standardised level test. A mere mention of a language level in the grade report, e.g. based on the entry in the Abitur certificate, is not sufficient and is generally not accepted by the host universities. You will need a transcript of a standardised test with grades, points or score. If you have taken the level test at the Language Centre at the University of Erfurt, you will receive the certificate from the Language Centre after the test.

Language courses and examinations offered by the Language Centre of the University of Erfurt

The Language Centre of the University of Erfurt offers language courses and examinations in most common languages. These are free of charge for students of the University of Erfurt. The language examinations always take place at the end of the semester, but not every examination at the end of each semester. Find out about the dates in good time and register early enough!

The following rules apply for admission to the level B2 English examination:

  • Only students who have achieved at least 65 points in the Oxford Placement Test (OPT) will be examined.
  • Students who have scored less than 65 points in the OPT will only be examined if they have completed a B2 level English course at the Language Centre
  • An exception to this rule is possible if a longer stay in an English-speaking country can be proved. However, this does not mean that the B2 examination is waived for these students.