Fundings before the Doctorate

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Graduates who are aiming for a doctorate can already be supported in the preparation for their doctoral phase. For the purpose of preparing an exposé for the doctoral project as well as obtaining a scholarship for the planned doctorate, so-called ‚Predoc‘ or ‚Doctoral preparation‘ scholarships are awarded. Aside from those scholarships, budget or third-party funded positions are regulary advertised at the university for research assistants, whose requirements include among other things the willingness to take up a doctorate. 


Funding Formats of the University of Erfurt

Predoc Scholarships

Predoc scholarships opens for those interested in a doctorate the opportunity to prepare and write an exposé for a doctoral project. This enables them to look after acceptance as a doctoral student with a supervisor at one of the faculties and potentially apply for a doctorate scholarship by the University of Erfurt or external scholarship providers.

Monthly funding amount: 1,000 EUR (plus supplements if applicable)
Duration of funding: depending on the faculty, between 3 - 6 months
Announcement / Application: Predoc scholarships are awarded decentrally by the faculties and the Max-Weber-Kolleg, each of which has its own award procedures and commissions.

Questions will be answered directly by the deaneries of the faculties or the Max-Weber-Kolleg.

You can find the statutes on the awarding of scholarships of the University of Erfurt here. 


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