Indian Feminist Judgments Project and Gendered Constitutionalism in the Global South: VRÜ/WCL 1/23 on open access now!

Not one, but TWO symposia on feminist legal scholarship from the Global South?! Yes, that's right!

We proudly present our latest issue of VRÜ/WCL: Verfassung und Recht in Übersee 1/23, that is now available fully in open access. In open access, we strive to provide everyone with diverse perspectives on contemporary legal issues. Our team of expert writers and contributors brings you the latest developments, critical debates, and groundbreaking research in the field of law. The latest issue brings renowned legal experts and scholars together to rewrite landmark judgments from a feminist perspective, shedding new light on the intersection of law and gender. You want to learn more? You can find the full issue here!